Members of Group: Megan Demeny, Kimberly Maslack

Name of Tool:Storybird

Screen Image of Tool and/or logo:

external image logo_120px.png

Does tool require Sign-in? Yes, but you can read Storybird without an account.

Description of Tool: An interactive and collaborative story creator. It allows students to create short stories quickly using images that are available on the site. This can inspire students to be creative. It also allows students to "share" their stories.

How does tool apply to your curricular area? Both foreign language and language arts are language based. It would be a great way to get students to interact with each other to learn new terms and definition.

Where does tool fit in Digital Blooms and why?It fits into the creating part of Blooms' pyramid because it allows students to make their own short stories.


Pros: teamwork, creativity, free
Cons: limited artwork choices and space

French Storybird:

Student Example: