Members of Group: Taylor Cashdan, Mark Curry, Dean Hardy

Name of Tool: Wall Wisher

Screen Image of Tool and/or logo:

external image y1qbgscbun5neblw5fkf.png
external image wallwisher-1-1oa8k0g.jpg
Screen Shot 2012-09-24 at 3.03.10 PM.png

Does tool require Sign-in?

Yes, must create a username

Description of Tool:

A virtual bulletin board that incorporates many types of multimedia

How does tool apply to your curricular area?

The tool could be used to produce presentations, demonstrate or illustrate with a video, share information, create a lesson or use as a collaborative activity.
Embed documents/videos with links

Where does tool fit in Digital Blooms and why?

Evaluating, Creating, Analyzing. Students have the ability to share ideas or information, discuss topics and interact with each other.
Students can evaluate new information or other students ideas. Students can create by inputting multimedia to illustrate an idea or to share information.
Students could also analyze lots of information shared by others


This tool encourages anonymous usage.

When no one is aware of who has said something, people may be more comfortable sharing their ideas when they don't have to worry about being ridiculed or if they are shy
A quick way for everyone to share their idea, as opposed to speaking aloud, or taking turns at the board this can be instant and done at the same time.
This tool could help to keep students attention better than a simple presentation or notes on the board or overhead.
- This tool has the ability for the site host to approve posts before they are allowed on the wall.
When no one knows who is posting something, some people may abuse this and post things that could be hurtful or irrelevant to the topic.
Having a wall wisher page with lots of things on it, some students may be distracted by too much stuff going on.

- NOTIFICATION (due dates)