Members of Group: Jessica Anstead and Molly Basdeo

Name of Tool: Toondoo

Screen Image of Tool and/or logo:

Does tool require Sign-in?

Yes, this website requires you to register for an account, however these accounts are free.

Description of Tool:

Toondoo allows you to create a sequence of events in comic strips to illustrate a concept. You can choose from different characters, settings, and numerous other decorations to include in your comic strip.

How does tool apply to your curricular area?

English & Social Studies - Reinacting scenes in literature or in history, political cartoons
Science - Illustrating the scientific method or safety

Where does tool fit in Digital Blooms and why?

Allows student to think on higher bloom levels, students are creating. Students are also understanding.
cons: very distracting, limited (space) can't have a lot on a strip.
pros: fun, promotes teamwork and imagination, can be printed, can be shared online, anyone can view it, change privacy settings, can be shared on Facebook and other social media websites.